Personal Training

With many years of experience in the fitness industry, our team’s knowledge, support and guidance will help you set realistic goals and targets and keep you motivated whilst smashing them. If you would to train One to One with one of our team in our Private facility, then what are you waiting for?!

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Group Training:

Our Private Group Training Classes are a fantastic way to get the knowledge of our coaches in a motivating and affordable way. With over 25 Classes per week, there is always something for you to enjoy. Why not try our Premium Group Training Class ‘FIIT’ with different daily workouts, that offers a range of leading functional training methods combining strength, mobility, fitness and metabolic conditioning.

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Athlete Development:

Whether you are a Professional Athlete, Semi Professional Athlete or a Weekend Warrior, you will always have something in your game you need to improve on. We specialise in sports specific strength and conditioning programs to help you improve your performance before, during and after competition. TrainFit. PlayFit. RecoverFit.

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Youth Development:

The most important stage in an Athletes development is during their adolescent years. Our Youth Development training programs are designed to work alongside their current sporting commitments to help create young healthy adults that are aspiring to become our next sporting superstars.

Injury Rehabilitation:

How you recover after an injury is very important. Our Injury Rehabilitation programs are designed to allow your body to return to its day to day requirements as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We have experience working with Professional Athletes to clients that have recently had surgery or are recovering from a sports specific injury.

NormaTec Recovery Room:

Would you like a massage after every gym or training session? Our NormaTec Recovery Room allows you to do just that. Using the latest NormaTec Recovery Systems the Recovery Room is the perfect way to Relax, Recover and Unwind after a strenuous class or even just your normal hectic daily schedule. #FreshLegsFaster

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The most complete and scientific use of cold therapy with an overwhelming number of health benefits to ENHANCE your performance and ACCELERATE your recovery. At RecoverFit Health & Performance Centre we offer both WHOLEBODY and LOCAL treatments.

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Indoor Cycle Studio Classes using the world-renowned Wattbike – we have both instructor-lead classes and world renowned Sufferfest Cycling video classes.

No other indoor bike can match the accuracy, reliability and repeatability of the Wattbike’s power data. When combined with the unique pedalling technique display, the Polar View, the Wattbike provides the most in depth feedback available today.

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  • FIIT

    Functional Intense Interval Training - Our
    Premium Private Training Class, with different daily workouts, that offers a range of leading functional training methods combining strength, mobility, fitness and metabolic conditioning.
    We also have 'FIIT EXPRESS', which is our Premium Class but in a quick 30 minute blast.

  • FIIT Power

    A resistance class that will increase your strength and power, whilst increasing your metabolic rate. Our instructors will pay close attention to technique and form to maximise results!

Wattbike Cycle Studio weekly Timetable

  • SufferfestTHE SUFFERFEST

    The Sufferfest is widely known as the best cycling training video in the world, each video has a specific purpose. Whether you want to improve climbing, sprinting, speed or power in your sport, we have the session for you. Suitable for beginners to professional athletes

  • Cycle StudioCYCLE STUDIO

    Our Instructor lead indoor cycling classes which uses Wattbikes that are developed in association with British Cycling and used by World and Olympic Champions, the Wattbike is the first factory calibrated indoor bike to deliver accurate and consistent performance data. ‘The closest thing to an outdoor bike, indoors’


There is no point in pushing your body to its limits without consuming the right Fuel.

Our Fuel Bar has been designed to allow you to get the right nutrition exactly when you need it. Whether it be before or after your training session or you simply just want to pop in for a coffee and a healthy lunch during the day.

FIIT Membership

A membership that fits around YOUR Lifestyle Our unique membership that not only covers all your fitness needs but also includes use of the best recovery equipment available on the market.

  • Unlimited Private Group Training Classes
  • Unlimited WattBike Studio Training
  • 1 x 20 min NormaTec Recovery Session Per Day (Pre booking is required)
  • Free Access to Open Gym Sessions (Pre booking is required)
  • Free Access to Technique Workshops
  • 20% Off Cryotherapy
  • Free Starter Nutrition Pack
  • No Joining Fee
  • No Contract

ADULT PRICES (18 years +)


Per Month

Adult Membership – 1 Month Initial Term


Per Month

Early Bird Membership – 1 Month Initial Term

Student, NHS, Military + U18 prices*


Per Month

1 Month Initial Term

* up to 18 years or valid ID

Pay as you go

Private Group
Training Sessions

Your First Class £FREE
1 Class £TBC
5 Class Plan £TBC
10 Class Plan £TBC

One 2 One
Private Training

Your First Session £TBC
1 Session £TBC
5 Sessions £TBC
10 Sessions £TBC

NormaTec Recovery
(All Sessions 20 Minutes)

Your First Session £FREE
1 Session £TBC
5 Sessions £TBC
10 Sessions £TBC

Athlete Development

Your First Class £TBC
1 Session
(based on 1.5 hr session)
5 Sessions £TBC
10 Sessions £TBC

Open Gym

1 Session £TBC


Your First Session £25
1 Session £35
5 Sessions £150
10 Sessions £250
Your First Session £15
1 Session £25
5 Sessions £100
10 Sessions £150

Wattbike Cycle Studio

Spin Cycle Studio

  • WattBike Classes
  • Instructor lead Classes
  • Sufferfest Virtual Classes
  • FREE Wattbike Induction
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness
  • FTP Testing (Functional Threshold Power)
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Live Accurate Pedal Technique
  • Measures over 40 Parameters
  • Used by World and Olympic Champions

The wattbike offers the closest feeling to riding a road bike, indoors. It is very different and far more advanced than your typical spin bikes.

WattBike Induction £FREE
Private Session
(no instructor)
1 Class £TBC
5 Class Plan £TBC
10 Class Plan £TBC

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